Fichman Furniture and Radiator Covers

FICHMAN FURNITURE is a fast growing innovative furniture manufacturer and is a leader in the niche Radiator Covers marketplace. We are among leaders not only in terms of our product offerings and designs, but especially in our ability to innovate in every aspect of what we do. We stand out by embracing automation and integrating it with every process possible. What does "every process possible" mean? Well, we're pushing the limits of that too! We are focused on growing our business and brand to be a major worldwide competitor and are seeking like minded candidates to help us achieve our goals, while having fun along the way!

We believe our most important assets are our people, their attitudes, actions and ideas. A fun place to work, with a productive and innovative environment that leads the way for others in our industry. We are energetic, intelligent, creative and positive people motivated to make a difference both at work and in the community where we work and live.

  • If you're faced with a challenge and your answer is "how can I help make that happen?" (and not "no, that's not possible.");
  • If you have a point of view and it is based on your own observation, thoughts and ideas;
  • If you find yourself in a conflict and are motivated by finding what is right (as opposed to who is right);
  • Do you lead the way and innovate when you're part of a team?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

Current Opportunities:

While we aren't advertising any particular openings at the moment, if this description of the type of people we're looking for intrigues you and you're looking for an opportunity to be a part of something big, we welcome you to send us a well thought out cover letter and resume.